Falsetto The Label LLC

Falsetto The Label LLC


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About Us

Falsetto The Label is in honor of my late sister Sherrie; a victim of Domestic Violence. She was so loving and strived to be the best version of herself. The sisterly bond that her and I had was music. One of the most beautiful vocal registers in music is when music artists sing in falsetto.

Falsetto The Label is a clothing brand that inspires women and girls to be the best version of themselves; whether it be bold, resilient, extraordinary, brave or more than pretty. Falsetto breaks barriers to produce a sound beyond imagination. HIT YOUR HIGH NOTE.

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Mother, Daughter, Sister Swestshirts
Love Music Sweatshirts
Tough Cookie Youth Hoodie
Raw Beauty Adult Hoodie
Self Love Adult Hoodie
Love God Youth Sweatshirt
Music Note Youth Sweatshirt
Music Note Adult Sweatshirt